5 best mobile recharge business ideas & how to implement them

5 best mobile recharge business ideas & how to implement them

Starting a mobile recharge business is easy. But to make your business successful, you need diversified services to offer your customers. This blog will walk you through the best 5 mobile recharge business ideas with a how-to-do-it guideline; so you can skyrocket your profitability in the international corridor.

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How to find a new mobile recharge business idea

Customers worldwide regularly look for variations in the products and services they intend to purchase.

If you’re thinking about starting your own international mobile recharge business or are already involved in this lucrative business, it is time to diversify your services.

To find new mobile recharge business ideas, you can try integrating services from other parties and bringing the service to your local area for customer satisfaction.

An example will help you understand.

Suppose, in your area, there’s a huge demand for grocery and food vouchers. Immigrants in your community want to ensure their families’ food safety even if they’re a thousand miles away from home. But how can you play a role in fulfilling their demand? Ask your service provider if voucher services and international recharge services are available. If yes, EUREKA! Soon you’ll be the savior in need of your customers (don’t forget the amount of popularity your business will receive along with it).

If you’re new to the mobile recharge business, ask your provider if they offer other services like these.

Similarly, to find the newest mobile recharge business ideas, you can do the following-

  1. Study your customer’s needs
  2. Ask your provider if they can give you the service(s)
  3. Integrate the services with your existing international recharge solution,
    and you’re good to go!

Harness the mobile recharge business opportunity

The mobile recharge business opportunity is too remarkable to miss. Just like any other business model, the international recharge business is also evolving as per customer demand. So, according to your customer’s criteria, grab any opportunity your service provider offers to ensure the best service to your customers within your business area.

5 exclusive mobile recharge business idea

Here is the most popular 5 exclusive mobile recharge business idea for you to start along the way:
Exclusive mobile recharge business idea
  1. Voucher service

    A voucher and gift card business is an excellent way to connect with your customers and foster loyalty. It enables you to connect customers in need with their friends and family.

    Some popular vouchers that are available in the market:

      • Food/grocery vouchers
        This voucher service allows your customers to send necessary grocery items to their families back home.
      • Construction vouchers
        If your customer is thinking of renovating their home back in the country where their family lives, you can grab the opportunity to help them purchase construction materials through the construction voucher service.
      • Healthcare vouchers
        Health risk of a family member is a crucial phase for your customers living as immigrants in your locality. You can help them send medical and healthcare support to their family back home with a healthcare voucher service.
      • Fabric vouchers
        This voucher facility will allow your customers to purchase clothing goods for their family members, friends, and loved ones, eventually growing your customer base.
  2. Bill payment service

    Your customers don’t ever have to worry about if the monthly bills are paid on time, even if they’re away from family. With the bill payment service, they can easily pay the bills from abroad .

    Some popular bill payment services:

      • DTH dish bill
      • Gas bill
      • Water bill
  3. Mobile data & combo packages

    Apart from international mobile recharge service, you can offer your customers international mobile data bundles and combo packages containing air time, data, messages, etc.

  4. Local & international PINs

    You can also sell local & international PINs to your customers as a bonus service and make a handsome profit from it.
  5. Mobile money transfer service

    The mobile money transfer service is a huge market.  Fortunately, you can integrate this service with your existing solution and provide your customers with a flexible and secure money transfer facility.

FAQ: How can I start a mobile recharge business?

After learning A to Z in-depth about the global mobile recharge service, many still feel perplexed and ask us, ‘how can I start a mobile recharge business?’

For detailed information, you can quickly go through our previous blog about how to start an online mobile recharge business.

Constructive manual for implementing new ideas to your business

New ideas bring a new scope for any business. This walk-through guideline will educate you on the international implementation of new ideas for your mobile recharge business.

  • Think about your existing services as a spark for new mobile recharge ideas
  • Keep track of the latest trends and events and look for new opportunities.
  • Search for the gap in customer demand for diversified services with your competitors’ existing services.
  • Consider your customer’s pain points. What do they want most from your service, and what other problem can you solve for them?
  • Add value to your existing services with competitive pricing, instant transaction facility, data security, and high-end customer experience.
  • Investigate your competitor’s business model and how they interact with their customers.

Do’s and dont’s of the international mobile recharge business

Most profitable businesses come with sensitive key measures that need to be performed cautiously. A single wrong turn might lose your loyal customers, and your competitors will benefit from them.

To avoid letting that happen, follow the simple do and don’t guidelines for your international mobile recharge business:

Do’s Dont’s
Make a very good relationship with your supplier and customer.
Offer services that are not within your capability.
Promote your shop on social media.
Get lost due to lack of promotion.
Offer a variety of services apart from online mobile recharge.
Stuck in a single service will cause less attraction.
Reach out to the support team whenever necessary.
Sit there and wait for the solution to fix itself without seeking help.
Learn about the business before entering the market.
Start the business without having proper knowledge.

Final remarks

Now you know that offering more than a single service from your single point of sale is crucial to satisfy your customers.

For more diversified knowledge in the global mobile recharge business idea to skyrocket your business, keep an eye on our next blog!

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Grocery Voucher

Ensure your customers’ family food safety by selling grocery vouchers. Your customer may be hundreds of miles away from their lovely family, but you can bring them closer. A grocery voucher lets your customers send daily-life grocery items to their families back home when needed.

Suppose, Mr. Renly is an immigrant in Italy. Every month, he wants to ensure his family’s monthly grocery necessities to his wife back in his home in Nigeria. He has come to your local shop and requested a grocery voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send it to his requested number. Mr. Renly selects the preferred shop listed in the panel choosing the city his wife is living. Mr. Renly’s wife receives a voucher code to her mobile number. Showing the voucher code to the respected store, she can now receive the grocery items paid for by Mr. Renly.

grocery voucher

Electricity Voucher

Offer your customers electricity bill payment service by selling electricity vouchers. Your customers can ensure their family gets uninterrupted electricity by paying bills on time. The elderly or dependent family members don’t have to go outside to pay electricity bills anymore.

Suppose, Mr. Robby is an immigrant in Portugal. He wants to send his mother, Mrs. Binta, the monthly electricity bill t, in the Gambia. So he has come to your shop and requested an electricity voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the electricity voucher to his requested service provider. Mrs. Binta will receive a confirmation message shortly after the bill is paid.

electricity voucher

Construction Voucher

Help your customers to build their dream homes by selling construction vouchers. The family members can collect construction materials such as cement, brick, clay, etc., by showing the voucher code to the respected store. This process will reduce the hassle of overseas family members searching and buying construction materials.

Suppose, Mr. Malik is an immigrant in Spain. He wants to build a one-story house in Ghana. Where his elderly parents live alone. There’s no young member in the family who can help Mr. Malick builds his house by purchasing necessary construction materials. So he decided to send them construction vouchers via your sales-point. He comes to your shop and requests a construction voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the construction voucher to his requested number.

Mr. Malik’s father, Mr. Mustafa, who is 70 years old, receives the voucher code on his phone. Showing the voucher code to the respected store he can now receive the construction items paid by Mr. Malik.

construction voucher

Fabric Voucher

Make sure your customers can ensure their family’s clothing necessities with fabric vouchers. They can send clothing materials for regular or occasional use, even they are far away from their home and family.

Suppose Mr. Bashir is a restaurant owner in France. His sister’s wedding is next week, but he cannot attend the wedding. So Mr. Bashir decides to send a fabric voucher to his sister Ms. Taifa for her wedding in Ghana. He comes to your sales point and requests a fabric gift voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the fabric voucher to his requested number.

Ms. Taifa will receive a fabric voucher code on her mobile phone. Showing the voucher code to the respected store she can collect the fabric items.

fabric voucher

Healthcare Voucher

Confirm your customers’ family health safety by selling healthcare vouchers. A customer can send a healthcare voucher in a time of urgency. These vouchers cover medicine costs, hospital bills, and so on. For example, a customer can purchase medicine vouchers for medicines and medical vouchers for paying hospital bills.

Suppose, Mr. Alik is an immigrant in Italy. Suddenly he comes to know that his mother is in the hospital back in his home in Senegal. He is worried and doesn’t know how to help his family as he is very far away. So he decides to send medicine bills via a healthcare voucher to his brother Mr. Abdul. He comes to your sales point and requests a healthcare gift voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the healthcare voucher to his requested number.

Mr. Abdul, Mr. Alik’s brother, will receive a healthcare voucher code on his phone. He can now receive necessary medicines for their mother by showing the healthcare voucher code to the particular pharmacy that his brother has paid.

healthcare voucher

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