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Empowering Cross-Border Digital Transactions globally

At VivaRecharge, we ensure that people can access cross-border digital transactions fast and securely worldwide.
cross border digital transactions


For Immigrants, sending money safely back home is a big hassle

Transferring money or digital goods Internationally is a critical process. There is a risk of fraud as well. Immigrants worldwide are looking for ways to transfer financial digital goods safely. So we sought to create a seamless solution for cross-border digital transactions; thus VivaRecharge was born.


We’ve created a huge impact

Back in the ‘90s, there was a massive conflict in cross-border money or digital goods transfer. But it’s the 21st century now and everyone has access to technology. With the help of technology, we’ve researched how we can make transactions faster and more secure. We’ve ensured end-to-end encryption so your data and transactions are secured.

cross border money
viva recharge digital transfers platform

VivaRecharge is a platform that powers the future of digital transfers

With 15 years of experience in telco-business, our visionary leaders have launched a proven solution for global digital transfers. Our platform helps non-technical people to rapidly establish their business with a minimum knowledge of technology. Anyone can manage and operate the portal and reach maximum potential customers every day. We are not a company but a team. A team with enthusiasm and tech analysts. Most importantly we are established on hope, hope for millions of customers ensuring transaction of financial goods to their family securely.

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Let’s take a quick look at our journey

From 2019 till date, we’ve achieved greater things in a constant manner


VivaRecharge first came to life. We started as a local and International Recharge & local PIN service provider.



Our new system launched and added two new services such as DTH bill & reseller business.



We’ve made our billing system smarter and easier than before. Along with that, we launched our first voucher service which is ‘Food Voucher’.



Our system has been taken to a new level and built a cutting-edge system for both agents and resellers. In addition to that, we’ve expanded our voucher service and added newer vouchers like grocery vouchers, electricity vouchers, medical vouchers, and fabric vouchers.


Our locations

We’re located in Europe but serve globally

Head office

90 New Town Row, Birmingham
B6 4HZ, United Kingdom

Italy office

Piazza Ugo Bassi 9/A, 60127
Ancona, Italy

Grocery Voucher

Ensure your customers’ family food safety by selling grocery vouchers. Your customer may be hundreds of miles away from their lovely family, but you can bring them closer. A grocery voucher lets your customers send daily-life grocery items to their families back home when needed.

Suppose, Mr. Renly is an immigrant in Italy. Every month, he wants to ensure his family’s monthly grocery necessities to his wife back in his home in Nigeria. He has come to your local shop and requested a grocery voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send it to his requested number. Mr. Renly selects the preferred shop listed in the panel choosing the city his wife is living. Mr. Renly’s wife receives a voucher code to her mobile number. Showing the voucher code to the respected store, she can now receive the grocery items paid for by Mr. Renly.

grocery voucher

Electricity Voucher

Offer your customers electricity bill payment service by selling electricity vouchers. Your customers can ensure their family gets uninterrupted electricity by paying bills on time. The elderly or dependent family members don’t have to go outside to pay electricity bills anymore.

Suppose, Mr. Robby is an immigrant in Portugal. He wants to send his mother, Mrs. Binta, the monthly electricity bill t, in the Gambia. So he has come to your shop and requested an electricity voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the electricity voucher to his requested service provider. Mrs. Binta will receive a confirmation message shortly after the bill is paid.

electricity voucher

Construction Voucher

Help your customers to build their dream homes by selling construction vouchers. The family members can collect construction materials such as cement, brick, clay, etc., by showing the voucher code to the respected store. This process will reduce the hassle of overseas family members searching and buying construction materials.

Suppose, Mr. Malik is an immigrant in Spain. He wants to build a one-story house in Ghana. Where his elderly parents live alone. There’s no young member in the family who can help Mr. Malick builds his house by purchasing necessary construction materials. So he decided to send them construction vouchers via your sales-point. He comes to your shop and requests a construction voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the construction voucher to his requested number.

Mr. Malik’s father, Mr. Mustafa, who is 70 years old, receives the voucher code on his phone. Showing the voucher code to the respected store he can now receive the construction items paid by Mr. Malik.

construction voucher

Fabric Voucher

Make sure your customers can ensure their family’s clothing necessities with fabric vouchers. They can send clothing materials for regular or occasional use, even they are far away from their home and family.

Suppose Mr. Bashir is a restaurant owner in France. His sister’s wedding is next week, but he cannot attend the wedding. So Mr. Bashir decides to send a fabric voucher to his sister Ms. Taifa for her wedding in Ghana. He comes to your sales point and requests a fabric gift voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the fabric voucher to his requested number.

Ms. Taifa will receive a fabric voucher code on her mobile phone. Showing the voucher code to the respected store she can collect the fabric items.

fabric voucher

Healthcare Voucher

Confirm your customers’ family health safety by selling healthcare vouchers. A customer can send a healthcare voucher in a time of urgency. These vouchers cover medicine costs, hospital bills, and so on. For example, a customer can purchase medicine vouchers for medicines and medical vouchers for paying hospital bills.

Suppose, Mr. Alik is an immigrant in Italy. Suddenly he comes to know that his mother is in the hospital back in his home in Senegal. He is worried and doesn’t know how to help his family as he is very far away. So he decides to send medicine bills via a healthcare voucher to his brother Mr. Abdul. He comes to your sales point and requests a healthcare gift voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the healthcare voucher to his requested number.

Mr. Abdul, Mr. Alik’s brother, will receive a healthcare voucher code on his phone. He can now receive necessary medicines for their mother by showing the healthcare voucher code to the particular pharmacy that his brother has paid.

healthcare voucher

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