Increase your mobile recharge business income internationally

Increase your mobile recharge business income internationally

Have you ever wondered how you can increase your mobile recharge business income?
The mobile recharge business has made many people self-employed worldwide. Over time, the definition of mobile recharge business has changed into international platforms. Thanks to technology, you can now easily start an online mobile recharge business and provide your customers with international recharge services.

How can you make extra bucks at no extra cost?

Can you offer your customers beyond recharge services through your point of sale?

In today’s blog, we are going to learn the advanced ways of increasing your mobile recharge business income internationally

Table of Contents:

How mobile recharge business income works

There are a group of people contributing to the different stages of a mobile recharge business income distribution system. The supplier, the distributor or retailer, and the agent. Each entity of this chain performs a greater role in providing the end customer with a seamless international mobile recharge experience.

However, when it comes to income, the first party to set the pricing and commission range is the supplier. The distributor or retailer then passes the rate to the agents provided by the suppliers.
As an agent, you get a fixed rate from your distributor. But here’s the catch: you can add your desired service charge before processing the transaction and get profit directly from the end customers.

How mobile recharge business income works

CAUTION: Do not charge your customers more than your competitors.

Yes, that’s right. Many international mobile recharge agents fail to continue the lucrative business due to the lack of market knowledge. So you better check out what your competitors are charging for a single service for a specific country & operator and try to stay close to their rates. This will allow your customers to choose from the most viable service (which will be you) and turn them into returning customers.

Ways to increase your international business income

Ways to increase your international recharge business income
The primary source of international recharge business income is, obviously, sending mobile recharge worldwide. But it’s not limited to this anymore. The definition of global recharge business has changed over the years.
Now you can sell recharges, and e-vouchers, pay utility & DTH bills, transfer money to other mobiles, and beyond.

Here are basic earning sources to increase your mobile recharge business income:

  1. Diversified products

    Through the international mobile recharge business, you can trade the following:
    -Local & international recharge


    • Food vouchers
    • Electricity vouchers
    • Fabric vouchers
    • Healthcare vouchers
    • Grocery vouchers

    -Bill payment

    • Utility bill (gas, water, electricity)
    • DTH bill

    -Money transfer

  2. Commission-based income

    Suppliers and operators frequently offer commission-based sales. That is, the more you sell, the more commission you will receive from them. You will benefit from this in two ways. To begin with, the more you sell, the more service charges you can add to each transaction. Second, you will get commissions. It’s a two-for-one deal!

  3. Competitive service charge

    The easiest way to profit from a mobile recharge business is to charge a service fee. You can process a transaction after adding your service charge. You may charge your customers whatever you like, completely at your freedom.

  4. Sales incentives from suppliers or distributors

    You will receive an additional commission if you meet the monthly sales target. For example, if you sell a €1,000 recharge weekly, you will receive an additional 5% bonus. This is your extra income.

    Operators and suppliers with whom you are integrated may offer various incentives to assist you in generating revenue. Examples include recharge campaigns, data campaigns, and special combo offers.

4 myths & facts about the online recharge business

As the online mobile recharge business is a fully virtual service and doesn’t have any physical existence, people are likely to develop various myths surrounding this business. Here are some common myths and misconceptions, along with real-life factors that’ll help you understand the business better:

Myths & facts about the online recharge business

Myth 1: A handsome amount of capital is required to start the
online recharge business

Fact: This fact is not entirely true. The amount of capital investment depends on your business model for the international mobile recharge. If you want to start small, with what you have, it’s best to become a local agent under a distributor and provide international service in the local market. All you need for this is a stable internet connection, a PC or laptop, and/or a smartphone.

You can start your journey as a distributor or purchase the complete solution on a white label for greater opportunities and profitability. This business model gives you full control with authority and to manage smaller entities accordingly.

Myth 2: It requires lots of technical knowledge & skills to carry
out the business

Fact: The mobile recharge business solution is an application developed in such a way which is ready for any ordinary person. If you know how to use a smartphone & any other general mobile app, you’re likely to understand the business without zero technical knowledge & skill.
Don’t forget about instant support from your solution provider for any technical issues.

Myth 3: It is challenging to get customers for international recharge

Fact: Many people have this stigma which is ridiculous. As the world has become a global village, people travel & migrate to assorted countries for study, business, and work purposes. These travellers and immigrants need international recharge services constantly and instantly.

Myth 4: The international recharge business is not profitable ENOUGH

Fact: The international recharge business can be very profitable if you plan it right. It also depends on external and internal factors influencing the business’s profitability.
External factors: If you reside in a place with many immigrants, you are most likely to succeed in your international mobile topup business. Because there’s a surplus of foreigners and a huge demand for global services like these.
Internal factors: If you can diversify your services rather than sticking to a single service such as mobile recharge, customers will definitely come to you in need. Also, the profitability depends on your supplier and service provider supporting you from the back end.

Choosing the right international service provider

Electing a precise international recharge service provider can be tricky. You’d find many providers online, but are they all providing the same service your customers require? Do they all offer exquisite service and incentives that will allow you to escalate your business the way you want? Here are what you should look for when choosing a provider for international recharge service:
  1. Modernised solution

    The solution you choose must be modernised, updated, and user-friendly. The dashboard should give you the versatility to run your business.

  2. Multi-service point

    Ensure that your service provider enables you the entrance to become a multi-service business point in your community by providing numerous services at once.

  3. Smoother operation

    The transaction procedure must be smooth to operate, and an instant transaction facility should be enabled so your customers can get their desired services quickly.

  4. Transaction & data security

    As you will work on the international corridor, transaction processing, and customer data security are crucial. The service provider you choose must assure you how secure their system is.

  5. Comprehensive support

    There might be a technical problem or transaction delay, or you might need instant information about something your customer is asking. Is your provider ready to assist you with such difficulties with dedicated support?

Choosing the right international service provider

Pro tips: How to become the best international mobile recharge provider in your area

As we know now how to choose the right provider for your business. Do you have what it takes to become the best international mobile recharge provider in your area?
To become the best at what you do, you should-

Last thoughts

Now that we’ve reached the end of this blog, you have got a clear understanding how the mobile recharge business income works and the profit scope of this versatile business.
However, if you still have questions, feel free to comment below, and we’ll reach out to you ASAP.
In the meantime, learn more about the mobile recharge business for further knowledge & accountability.

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Ensure your customers’ family food safety by selling grocery vouchers. Your customer may be hundreds of miles away from their lovely family, but you can bring them closer. A grocery voucher lets your customers send daily-life grocery items to their families back home when needed.

Suppose, Mr. Renly is an immigrant in Italy. Every month, he wants to ensure his family’s monthly grocery necessities to his wife back in his home in Nigeria. He has come to your local shop and requested a grocery voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send it to his requested number. Mr. Renly selects the preferred shop listed in the panel choosing the city his wife is living. Mr. Renly’s wife receives a voucher code to her mobile number. Showing the voucher code to the respected store, she can now receive the grocery items paid for by Mr. Renly.

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Electricity Voucher

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Suppose, Mr. Robby is an immigrant in Portugal. He wants to send his mother, Mrs. Binta, the monthly electricity bill t, in the Gambia. So he has come to your shop and requested an electricity voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the electricity voucher to his requested service provider. Mrs. Binta will receive a confirmation message shortly after the bill is paid.

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Construction Voucher

Help your customers to build their dream homes by selling construction vouchers. The family members can collect construction materials such as cement, brick, clay, etc., by showing the voucher code to the respected store. This process will reduce the hassle of overseas family members searching and buying construction materials.

Suppose, Mr. Malik is an immigrant in Spain. He wants to build a one-story house in Ghana. Where his elderly parents live alone. There’s no young member in the family who can help Mr. Malick builds his house by purchasing necessary construction materials. So he decided to send them construction vouchers via your sales-point. He comes to your shop and requests a construction voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the construction voucher to his requested number.

Mr. Malik’s father, Mr. Mustafa, who is 70 years old, receives the voucher code on his phone. Showing the voucher code to the respected store he can now receive the construction items paid by Mr. Malik.

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Fabric Voucher

Make sure your customers can ensure their family’s clothing necessities with fabric vouchers. They can send clothing materials for regular or occasional use, even they are far away from their home and family.

Suppose Mr. Bashir is a restaurant owner in France. His sister’s wedding is next week, but he cannot attend the wedding. So Mr. Bashir decides to send a fabric voucher to his sister Ms. Taifa for her wedding in Ghana. He comes to your sales point and requests a fabric gift voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the fabric voucher to his requested number.

Ms. Taifa will receive a fabric voucher code on her mobile phone. Showing the voucher code to the respected store she can collect the fabric items.

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Healthcare Voucher

Confirm your customers’ family health safety by selling healthcare vouchers. A customer can send a healthcare voucher in a time of urgency. These vouchers cover medicine costs, hospital bills, and so on. For example, a customer can purchase medicine vouchers for medicines and medical vouchers for paying hospital bills.

Suppose, Mr. Alik is an immigrant in Italy. Suddenly he comes to know that his mother is in the hospital back in his home in Senegal. He is worried and doesn’t know how to help his family as he is very far away. So he decides to send medicine bills via a healthcare voucher to his brother Mr. Abdul. He comes to your sales point and requests a healthcare gift voucher. Using the Viva Recharge panel, you can send the healthcare voucher to his requested number.

Mr. Abdul, Mr. Alik’s brother, will receive a healthcare voucher code on his phone. He can now receive necessary medicines for their mother by showing the healthcare voucher code to the particular pharmacy that his brother has paid.

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